Join us at the 2024 BAT FORUM, March 20, 2024 8:00am-12:00pm

How: (Zoom Virtual Event)

CLICK HERE to download the annual membership form. Please complete one copy per person and include your $10 annual membership fee.

“The Group”

The Group is a non-profit organization consisting of individuals who are currently working in the field of Cross-Connection Control. They are engaged in administering programs, contracting services, testing and repair of backflow assemblies and have an ongoing interest in protecting the potable water and public safety. The Group conducts educational meetings, discusses current backflow issues, provides training seminars, schedules presentations and demonstrations by manufactures, reviews new equipment, and presents various points of view for The Group to discuss.

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Members of The Group

The members of The Group consist of public and private water purveyors, Cross-Connection Control Specialists, Backflow Assembly Testers, government and regulatory agencies, manufacturing representatives, training agencies, and a variety of diverse persons with interest in Cross-Connection Control and backflow issues. Whether you are new to Cross-Connection or a veteran, you will be offered new challenges as a member.