May’s Group meeting was held at the Bullitt Center in Seattle. Thank you Dale Baxmann for arranging a tour of this fascinating building. The attendees met at the Seattle Water Quality Lab and then boarded a minibus to be shuttled to the Bullitt Center. Those in attendance were: Donovan Aurand City of Spokane, Megan Bardsley Mamas Backflow, Dale Baxmann Seattle Public Utilities, Kathy Caldwell City of Redmond, Vice Chair Brian Gumke Northshore Utility District, Scott Hemingway WETRC, Past Chair Mick Holte City of Renton, Lance Hudkins SRC4, Chair Jeff Kobylk City of Edmonds, Bill Kuhlman Silver Lake Water & Sewer District, Treasurer Dennis McLaughlin Retired BAT, Dominic McLaughlin McLaughlin’s Peninsula BF, Jason Moe Batman Testing, Andrew Piekarski Silver Lake Water & Sewer District, Webmaster Wednesday Smith City of Redmond, Lauren Imhoff City of Renton, Katie Nolan City of Renton, and Secretary Katarina Hirai Silver Lake Water & Sewer District.

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