Good Morning Group Members,

I hope this communication finds you healthy and happy. The message below went out to all of the State’s Operators, Water System Contacts and Backflow Assembly Testers. However, the Group wanted to be sure that all of its members received this vital information as well.

Stay safe.

Katarina Hirai
WWCCPP Secretary

From: WA Department of Health []
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 12:41 PM
To: Bernier, William (DOH) <>
Subject: DOH-ODW COVID-19 Update 3/25/20 Critical Essential Infrastructure

Washington State
Department of Health
Office of Drinking Water

Greeting Drinking Water Partners
We had some great questions and input from some of you concerning potential future need for documentation and credentials for use in the field demonstrating your Drinking Water Sector work is essential ongoing operation of critical infrastructure.
To be clear, the current Governor’s Proclamation clearly states that “No business pass or credentialing program applies to any activities or operations under this Proclamation.”

However, we received a lot of “what if” and, as stated in the information, for an event like this, it is up to each local emergency management office to determine what level of restrictions and identification they may want.

Our goal is to help you in be as prepared as you can. We’ve attached our Critical and Essential Infrastructure Frequently Asked Questions, which contains links to example templates. We also posted these documents in the Guidance section on our Drinking Water home page.

This current event is going to continue for a while and the contents of the attached document will be modified if necessary. We update our website frequently with pertinent resources and guidance.