Mick Holte called the meeting to order at 9:10 am, April 19, 2017. He excused Chair Dale Baxmann. Hethanked West Sound Utility District for hosting the meeting this month.

Those in attendance – Bob Eastwood, Lisa Krasts, Robert Williams, Dale Webb, Wednesday Smith,Debbie Crooks, Larry Holmes, Karen Vargo, Mick Holte, Fred Foreman, Branden Clark, Brent Winters,Von Nix, Dominic McLaughlin, Dennis McLaughlin, Jim Freeman, Chris Sutton, and Tony Peredo.

Wednesday Smith presented her display, of a residential backflow system, that she made for a 5th grade Water Festival. She uses it as an educational opportunity for the community. She has made it available for anyone to use if they take good care of it.

Dennis McLaughlin gave the Treasurer’s Report. He reminded everyone that if they had not paid their dues for the year that they could still do so.

  •  Expenses:
    • $1608.00 – The BAT Forum
    • $26.00 – Name Tags
  • Income: $310.00 – Dues
  • Balance: $26,219.66

Larry Holmes asked for cost information for the forums. He was looking into a possible change of venue. There was a lot of discussion. Dennis will meet with Larry to give him the needed information.

Dominic McLaughlin reported that Bill Bernier with the DOH will help out with any needs, educational or otherwise. There are educational flyers available online for use. Bill is available to show up for any event, if needed. Dominic still needs pictures of ‘water using equipment’. He is working on the ‘Online Manual’ to be a resource to show minimum protection for processes. He suggested checking air gaps annually.

Bob Eastwood reported on the Axiom boiler feed systems, that remove the RPBA’s, for those that were
unaware of these systems.


Having City or Water District Cross Connection Websites linked to The Group Website. Chris Sutton reported that he had met with the Website Designer and was ready to make the needed changes and additions to the website. After it is determined what changes need to be made, Chris will bring a proposal with a cost estimate back to the Group for approval.

Get emails from DOH of water purveyors to send out information on Cross Connection Education.

Water Use Survey Document. Dennis presented an example of a Water Use Survey used by the City of Auburn and handed them out to those that were interested.

Any Questions regarding any CCC concerns – contact The Group email.

Hydrant Backflows that are signed out should be tested more frequently. Some have not been tested for years. It was suggested that they be tested annually or even monthly.

Food Truck email regarding backflow assemblies. Discussed the idea that if a CCS inspects a business in their jurisdiction that it be accepted in other jurisdictions. This would be for mobile units such as food trucks, water trucks, sweeping companies, etc. These fleets should be inspected yearly and sometimes semi-annually if needed. The documentation should remain in the individual trucks.

Chris Sutton commented on the backflow problems with the Coffee Shop Kiosks. He mentioned that many times they are tapped into water lines, yet they claim they are not. They start off as selfcontained units using bottled water, but soon tap into lines or run hoses. Lots of cross connection issues. It was suggested that Food Trucks and Coffee Shop Kiosks could be a topic for a future monthly Group Meeting.

Public Education Outreach – Discussed the feasibility of participating as a group at local events, i.e. Puyallup Fair, Evergreen State Fair, Community Fairs and Street Festivals, Northwest Garden Show, etc. It was mentioned that since the group has some money, it could be used to cover the expense of the booth rentals. The Group has a banner, and would solicit display items from the members. The Group would also need to volunteer to man the booths. The City of Tacoma provides a booth at the Puyallup Fair and it takes lots of volunteers. They use their workforce to man the booths.

  • Chris Sutton proposed a motion to have an elected position on the Board to oversee public
    education/outreach. He proposed one or two people to be voted on during the November
    elections. The motion was seconded by Mick Holte.

Bob Eastwood commented that currently if you don’t pay your dues, you do not receive The Group emails. He said that there is no cost with an email. He suggested that The Group allow those that have retired to remain in The Group, free of charge, in order to use their experience and perspective and to keep them involved. They could be ‘Honorary Members’. There was a discussion on what the ‘qualifications for membership’ would be, i.e. age requirement, retirement, attendance at a certain number of meetings per year, the number of contacts per year, etc. Bob Eastwood will chair the committee.

  • Bob Eastwood proposed a motion to create an “Honorary Member” classification membership within The Group and to discuss the requirements during the May Group Meeting. The motion was seconded by Wednesday Smith.

Dennis McLaughlin presented a couple of proposals from local credit card providers. He had two options that seemed to be the most economical; Leaders and Gravity. He had researched 15 companies and thought these two were the best options. It was agreed that The Group needed to get their own service so they would have the ability to process credit card payments for the yearly CCC Seminar. There was a lot of discussion regarding price and level of service.

  • Chris Sutton made a motion to use Gravity that our financial institution (HomeStreet Bank) uses. The motion was seconded by Debbie Crooks and was voted in favor. Chris will get the fee schedule information and costs and will report back to The Group at the May meeting.

There have been some important rule definition updates to the W.A.C regarding the definitions related to Workforce Development. The application is online and is no longer an avadavat. It is now a declaration. By 2020 the DOH will increase the requirements for districts that are smaller.

Bob Eastwood commented that he wanted The Group to be a “Western Washington Group” and asked the local groups that were present for their help to stay involved and “Keep The Group Alive”. He encouraged them to network with the others in the area. Jim Freeman with North Perry Water will reach out to Bremerton and others on the peninsula to get involved.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:15
Field trip with Jim Freeman (North Perry Water District) to tour the Brownsville Waste Water Treatment Plant (12350 Brownsville Highway, Poulsbo, WA). This facility had some special cross connection issues that were addressed with premise isolation and an air gap.

The next Group meeting is May 17th 10:00am till noon at the City of Tumwater Fire Station, 311 Isreal RD SW Tumwater 98501, with DOH. Discussion is the Yellow Manual and CCS procedures. Our host is Dennis Winchel, 360-252-5458

Debbie Crooks/Assistant Group Secretary