Hello everyone,
Just a quick report in on the Group Seminar on October 20th. The virtual meeting went great especially for our first time. A big thanks goes out to Scott Hemingway, who volunteered to host and even with a couple of hitches, was quick on his feet to make some unforeseen adjustments. Everyone who attended and requested CEUs should have received credit by now. You can check at Online Professional Growth Report – Washington Certification Services (greenriver.edu) We also would like to thank all our guest speakers and sponsors for great presentations and even quite a bit of humor.

Our next meeting is November 17th which is elections for 2022. The officers agreed that we would keep it simple by asking for nominations from you guys, the members. If you or a coworker is interested in becoming more involved in a Great Historic Informational Organization, The Western Washington Cross Connection Prevention Professionals Group, please let us know! We are always Searching for new, fresh faces to continue the tradition.

We will be asking for 4 positions: The Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster. The present Vice Chair Jeff Kobylk will automatically become Chair, per by-laws.

Simply email the officers listed below if you would like to volunteer or to nominate someone else, but please make sure they are willing! We would like to hear from you by Tuesday, November 16th, at which time, we will give you the opportunity to vote online.

Group Officers:

Thank you again for all you do on the front lines, and behind the scenes!

Kathy Caldwell
Group Secretary
425 502 2166