Mays Group meeting was held In Issaquah, Thank you Todd Freeman for hosting!

Our topic was DOH Q & A, (Stump Bill Day). The meeting was called to order by Chair Mick Holte at 10:10am, Introductions were made and those in attendance were… Our special guest Bill Bernier, Dennis McLaughlin, Dale Baxmann, Dan Loch, Mindee Brown, Todd Freeman, Brian Gumke, Wednesday Smith, Carla Snyder, Mick Holte, Jeff Kobylk, and Kelsey White.

Treasurer Dennis McLaughlin reported a balance of $27,713.57 in the account.

There were three motions made.

Dennis McLaughlin made a motion to buy new simulators, Part Works will rebuild their wet lab, and The Group will pay $1,400 for half of the $2,400 cost. Dale Baxmann seconded the motion. All voted in favor. The motion passed.

Dennis made another motion to rent a P.O. Box for 6 months at the cost of $68.00 near his residence for the annual seminar planning. The motion was seconded by Chris Sutton, all voted in favor. The motion passed.

A third motion was made by Dale Baxmann, To purchase a second Lap Top for the Groups use at meeting and seminar presentations, the cost is not to exceed $1,000 and to be kept in the Chairs possession, the motion was seconded by Carla Snyder, all voted in favor, the motion passed.

The 2018 USC list of approved Backflow prevention assemblies list is out, if you have questions about approved assemblies contact Dennis McLaughlin.

We had some discussions on premise isolations, nonresidential and commercial every new connection a RPBA at the service connection is recommended. We also talked about a few recent backflow incidents. And the comment section on backflow test reports is the BATs get out of jail free card so to speak, comments and notes are important as is the CCS and property owners to follow up on the notes and comments the BAT provides.

The next Group meeting is June 20th, 10:00 am the topic is to review Group by Laws and a tour of the Sunnyside Treatment Plant. Meeting location is 4123 71st Ave N, Marysville WA, 98270 our hostess is Julie Davis, any questions her contact is 360-363-8100.

That’s all for now! Happy Summer!

Carla Snyder / Group Secretary