The Group met June 20th at the Sunnyside Treatment Plant in Marysville, Thank you Julie Davis for hosting the June meeting!

Attendees were Treasurer Dennis McLaughlin, Hostess Julie Davis, Brad Zahnow, Brian Gumke, Vice Chair Jeff Kobylk, Casey Parks, Andrew Piekarski, Tyler Christian, and our Chair Mick Holte. I apologize if I missed anyone or misspelled your name.

Treasurer reported we have a balance of 26,644.00 in the bank.

Old business: discussed the past meeting held in Issaquah where Bill Bernier was our guest for Stump Bill day.

New business: By-Laws, Latest changes were made April 2015 to Article V Executive Officer Dues to be paid by The GROUP for the calendar year, Article XIV regarding dissolution of the GROUP and asset disbursement.

It was suggested that everyone take a look at the By-Laws and see if changes are needed. Dennis suggested in addition to the By-Laws we should have written documentation of the Executive Officer duties. If anyone has comments or suggestions, please bring them to the next meeting or contact one of the officers on the front page of this newsletter.

The Group toured the treatment plant which was it was a 20000 gallon green sand filter system the order 20 tons of salt to make hypocloride they mix well water with purchased water 60/40 they system has two wells with a total of about 1000 gal/hr .

New news… the new wet lab at Part Works has finished remodeling and installed the new simulators; they should be open next week for backflow testing practice. There will be a fee to use the wet lab for nonmembers.

Our next meeting will be July 18th at Coal Creek Utility District, 6801 132nd PL SE, Newcastle 98059, we will start at 10:00am the topic will be planning for the October seminar and tidy up the picnic details for August.

Have a good summer everyone!

Carla Snyder/Group Secretary