Januarys Group meeting was held at The Kent Commons thank you Erik Pedersen for hosting this month. The meeting was called to order at 10:05am by Chair Mick Holte, introductions were made and those in attendance were Past Chair Dale Baxmann Seattle Public Utilities, Treasurer Dennis McLaughlin retired BAT, Tyler Christian City of Monroe, Erik Pedersen City of Kent, Jeff Groves City of Port Angeles, Brian Gumke Northshore Utility District, in the stylish orange safety vest was Wednesday Smith City of Redmond, Our Chair Mick Holte City of Renton, our newly elected Vice Chair Jeff Kobylk City of Edmonds, Secretary Carla Snyder Coal Creek Utility District and our extinguished guest to help answer the second part of the meetings topic- ASR Q&A was Mr. Steve Deem from the Department of Health.

Thank you Steve!

Our treasurer reported we have a balance of $30,224.00 in the bank.

The December 2017 minutes and the 2018 meeting calendar were both approved.

The first topic was to finalize preparations for the BAT Forum coming up in March. Please note the day and time has changed, we will be meeting on Monday March 26, 2018 starting at 7am and will run till Noon. Location is La Quinta Inn Tacoma We will have refreshments during the morning. CEU’s are in the approval process.


ASR discussion…

There have been some new revisions for this year’s ASR it seems cleaner easier to get into.

In 2019 the ASR will begin to include the smaller systems of 750 connections eventually include systems with 100 service connections enforcement will focus on table 9 and high hazards.

There was some discussion about Premise isolation retrofit sometimes it is not feasible because there may be no room for a device by the water meter or in the right of way. Do we then allow to have the device installed inside like a mechanical room or require suite isolation as in a strip mall, if premise by RP we need to educate on the need for adequate drainage in case of device fail and it dumps, also there is a requirement to resurvey every couple of years to ensure there are no connections between the meter and the premise device.

WAC 246-290-010 Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms.

“Premises isolation” means a method of protecting a public water system by installation of approved air gaps or approved backflow prevention assemblies at or near the service connection or alternative location acceptable to the purveyor to isolate the consumer’s water system from the purveyor’s distribution system.

ASR reporting -a question was asked if the water purveyor has premise isolation and in premise by fixture, which devices do you report on the ASR? We report only those devices that protect the public water system. So you would only report the premise device. If there is not premise at the meter, then you would report the devices at the fixture which are protecting the public water supply. There is always good lively discussion between the CCS’s and BAT’s at these meetings. Lots of experiences and advice shared in these meeting makes my favorite to attend I always learn something new.

We then had a drawing for a couple of the portable cell phone chargers.

A motion was then made by Wednesday Smith to change the topic for the May 16th Group Meeting, a DOH Q&A or “Stump Bill Day” and move the public education topic to April to combine it with the electronic submission pros and cons topic. The motion was seconded by Carla Snyder all voted in favor the motion passed. I will confirm with Bill Bernier from DOH for attendance.

Updated calendar will be sent out with this newsletter along with the membership renewal if you need it. The next meeting is February 21st 10am to Noon the topic is Test reports and CCS / BAT issues, location is at the City of Edmonds 7110 210th ST SW, Edmonds 98026 contact Jeff Kobylk if you have any questions 425-771-0235

Well that’s it for this month hope to see you at the next meeting!

Carla Snyder / Group Secretary