Greeting Group Members!

Our September meeting was held at the City of Edmonds, and a big thank you to Jeff Kobylk for being our host!

The meeting was called to order at 10:15am by our Chair Dale Baxmann, introductions were made and those in attendance were, Dale Baxmann, Tim Cantwell, Debbie Crooks, Bob Eastwood, Mick Holte, Jeff Kobylk, Dennis McLaughlin, and Carla Snyder. The minutes from August were approved. The meeting was pretty short; so this is a quick newsletter updating you on loose ends for the seminar coming up next month and a few other items.

Our Treasurer reported we have $25,117.00 in the bank, and $700,.00 in the merchant account, we have also collected $900.00 for advertisements in the seminar binders and on the Groups website.

Seminar loose ends….

All the binders and name tags have been put together; Dennis has made new name tags holders so we can find tags easier. We have 5 Group Gals working the registration table including Laurel from DB Plumbing thank you Laurel for volunteering it’s really a lot of fun! Jeff K has volunteered to track the door prize list from our vendors.

We talked about having a “Heavy Duty 4 hour Backflow device repair” section next year for the 2018 seminar with Jim Purzycki. We also discussed public education ideas for our local community events, spinner boards with CC questions, a kiosk for education materials and making a copy of Wednesday Smith’s cool cross connection model she created and displays at her district. I will try to find a picture of it for you.

There was a motion made by Bob Eastwood to purchase 50 portable cell phone chargers at $8.15 each including Group’s logo. We plan to have these as give a ways at our events and have 10 for the drawings at the seminar and sell them for $8.00. The motion was seconded by Tim Cantwell, all voted in favor, the motion passed, Dennis will place the order in time for the seminar this month.

And a quick note on the seminar…

Space is filling up fast for the 22nd Annual Cross Connection Control Seminar. Sign up today before space runs out and get your spot reserved.

Date: October 18, 2017

Time: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: La Quinta Inn & Suites1425 E. 27th St.

Tacoma, Washington

(253) 383-0146

To receive 0.6 CEU’s, attendees must:

• Attend the entire seminar

• Have CEU cards stamped at end of each session

• Leave stamped CEU cards with The Group at the end of the Seminar


Dennis McLaughlin



Bob Eastwood


We Hope to see you all there, WWCCPP Group

Here is a pic of the Backflow Demonstration Model Wednesday has made.

Backflow Model of a residential property demonstrating backsiphonage.