Greetings Group!

We met June 2017 at the City of Redmond Maintenance and Operations Center, Thank you Wednesday Smith for being our host.

The meeting was called to order by our Chair Dale Baxmann. Introductions were made and those in attendance were, Chair Dale Baxmann, Kathy Caldwell, Tim Cantwell, Tyler Christian, Debbie Crooks, Larry Holmes, Vice Chair Mick Holte, Jeff Kobylk, Mike Minniti, Webmaster Wednesday Smith, Treasurer Dennis McLaughlin, Secretary Carla Snyder, and our Past Chair Chris Sutton.

Our Treasurer Dennis reported we have $301.00 in the merchant account which handles the Groups credit card, and the checking account balance is $25,443.00

Wednesday gave a demonstration on the Groups Website updates, Wednesday had attended a training session at WordPress, She can now add updates to news, memberships and advertisers on the Groups website at Check it out she has done awesome work!

Dennis McLaughlin made a motion to not post the monthly Newsletter on the website; only paid members will be able to get newsletters by email. Motion was seconded By Wednesday Smith. Discussion among those present suggested that The Group is here to provide information, education, and training and to discuss current events on issues pertaining to the cross connection and backflow fields. All voted not in favor, the motion was denied.

We talked about being present at the various festivals, fairs and events in the community. One example was manning a booth at the Puyallup fair in September; this is a 17 day event and the runs from 10am to 10pm. We don’t feel we have the man power to be able to be present for this length of time, maybe home and garden shows would be a better fit for our Group. We are looking for volunteers to help compile a list of community and city events for 2018, and come up with a list of public education ideas to provide at these events, and do a little presentation at the September Group meeting. It seems like most of our Cities and Districts have annual community events.

Next month we will meet at Coal Creek Utility District, 6801 132nd PL SE, Newcastle 98059, its seminar planning time, come join us! The more the merrier when planning, the meeting starts at 10am and ends at noon.  We would love to see you there! Don’t forget the picnic this August in Redmond, rumor is Kathy Caldwell is bringing her awesome potato salad!! More details to follow.

That’s it for now, till next time.

Carla Snyder / Group Secretary