The Group held their May meeting at the Tumwater Fire Station. We want to thank Dennis Winchel for hosting us this month. We appreciate the opportunity to hold our meetings at different locations throughout the calendar year.

Chris Sutton our past chair called the meeting to order at 10:06am, the current chair had an excused absence. Introductions were made and those in attendance were Scott Barr, William Bernier, Christian Tyler, Debbie Crooks, Bob Eastwood, Fred Foreman, James Freeman, Larry Holmes, Dennis McLaughlin, Ashley Smith, Wednesday Smith, Carla Snyder, Dominic McLaughlin Cross Connection Special Advisor for DOH, and from WDOH Office of Drinking Water Bill Bernier and Chris McCord.

The treasurer reported we have a balance of $25,621.75. Dennis McLaughlin made a motion to send out in June the vendor invitations to the 2017 Annual Seminar that will be held this October. The motion was seconded by Wednesday Smith, and all voted in favor.

Bill talked about the update and revision of the existing DOH CCC guide for small systems. This manual will be complete in early 2019 and will focus on Washington specific CCC concern’s and rules. The 6th edition CCS manual PNWS-AWWA (yellow book) and the WA state CCC rules are closely related and go hand in hand. The DOH manual is being updated and revised because the 7th edition of the yellow manual does not coincide with WA regulations as well.

Dominic is working on a joint UPC / DOH reference manual. This will help guide plumbers, cross connection control specialists, plumbing inspectors, backflow assembly testers, building officials, and water distribution managers to all come to agreement with water using equipment and all be on the same page. This should be released sometime in early 2018 and will be available at no cost to users.

They have also asked for copies of AHJ and CCS agreements, if you have one to share here is their contact info.

Dominic,   or (360) 236-3003

Bill Bernier, or (360) 236-3562

The meeting adjourned at 11:15am

The next meeting will be held at the City of Redmond’s Maintenance Operations Center, 18080 NE 76th ST, 98052. We have a few topics to discuss, honorary memberships, volunteers to help man various booths during state and county fairs and such. Remember to save the date for the October Seminar on the 18th in Tacoma.

Carla Snyder/ Group Secretary