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March was the Bat Forum at the La Quinta inn in Tacoma. Thank you everyone who attended and updated their memberships, It was good to meet you and put faces to names. Here is a short summary of some of the speakers.

Rachael Nevell (Washington Certification Services)

  • What is “no more than a drip”
  • Professional growth requirements and how to apply for exams (online applications)
  • New Western Washington Examination location (Auburn)

Rachel Neville, BAT Program Manager at Washington Certification Services discussed BAT professional growth requirements. If you were certified before 1/1/16 you have until 12/31/18 to meet the requirement, but there is no need to wait. You can meet your requirement anytime between now and your deadline date. Information regarding your professional growth requirement can be found here:

Washington Certification Services is now located at 1221 D Street NE, Auburn WA 98001. Auburn examinations are also held in our new location. Directions to our new location can be found here:

Bill Bernier (Department of Health) & Dominic McLaughlin – PRESENTATION ATTACHED

  • Air Gap “Define” RP
  • Winterization Recap (caps on test cocks)
  • Failure Rate of Assays (Different Makes and Models) – There isn’t very much information they can provide.
  • Update on BAT Testing/Repair Fire Suppression Systems – There isn’t very much new information to cover.

DOH Update

DOH opened their presentation by describing some recent Backflow Incidents and stressing the important role Backflow Assembly Testers (BATs) play in protecting public health. The fact that BATs are certified operators was further stressed by discussing the OpCert Rule (WAC 246-292) and specifically the Duties of a BAT.

  1. Tracking the CCS for each Group A Public Water System,
  2. Expand Annual Summary Report data collection down to systems with 100 or more connections,


DOH described their new CCC Program Plan:

  1. Expand compliance with premises isolation requirements for severe and high health CCC hazard connections,
  2. Increase education and training opportunities to decision makers, and
  3. Creation and update of DOH CCC Manuals.

Dominic McLaughlin described his “Special Project” to create a joint UPC/DOH reference of water using equipment.

DOH provided reminders for; the operator complaint process, finding the USC approval list, what the approved backflow assembly test procedures are, and where to find the DOH test report example and how to use it.

DOH was asked before the Forum to provide specific backflow assembly failure rate data by a member of the “Group”. This data is currently unavailable and DOH offered to assist the “Group” if they wished to take on a special project to collect, organize, and distribute this information

Other speakers were…

Bill Kitchens (Big Dog Sales, Northwest)

  • ARI Backflow
  • Backflow Direct Backflow

Matthew Russell (Washington State):

  • State Tax Laws – Sales and other Tax Laws and Issues

And some new news…

From Scott Torpie (DOH) RE; Terri Notestine’s Retirement,


As you know, after 30+ years of service Terri will retire from state service on April 1.  An off-site celebration to honor her service will take place on April 29th at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 114 20th Avenue SE in Olympia from 6 pm – 9 pm.  All of you are cordially invited to celebrate Terri’s service to the people of Washington.  Please see the attached flyer for details.

Our Chair Dale Baxmann has a new position; He is now the Senior Utility Inspector/Cross Connection Specialists for Seattle Public Utilities. His new contact information is on the officer contact page. Congratulations Dale, we know you will do great!


We have an inquiry from Paul Kamin of Eastsound Water Users Association:” My interest is trying to find water systems that do their CUSTOMER CROSS CONNECTION surveys online instead of through a mailed paper survey.  DOH does allow this type of online surveying, but does not have any idea of what water systems are doing it electronically vs via mailed survey. We would like to hear from you, please send response back to Paul and Me Carla Snyder the Group Secretary, I will send a summary of how many Water suppliers send surveys by mail or online.‘

Our next meeting is April 19th at West Sound Utility District, 2924 East Lund Ave Port Orchard, 98366 the topic is Public Education and Group Promotion, meeting starts at 9am will run till about noon, after the regular meeting those who are interested can break for lunch than head over to the Brownsville Treatment plant for a tour. We have been invited by one of our Group members Fred Freeman from North Perry Water for a tour of the plant which is about a 35-40 min drive towards the Kingston Ferry. The tour will take about an hour or so, Fred would like to explain the challenges he faced when having the Air Gaps installed and such. We will have more details at the meeting. It sounds like a great day!

Reminder if you haven’t renewed your Group dues for 2017 you will no longer receive newsletters and notifications after April, you can check the GROUP web site under members to see if your dues have been paid the list should be fully updated after April 15th.  I have attached the dues form, 2017 calendar, Bill’s presentation and Terri’s retirement celebration invite.

Thank you Group Members, The BAT Forum Speakers, and our Vendors! We hope to see all you soon!

Carla Snyder / Group Secretary